How Yoga can Improve your Flexibility and Breathing Habits for BJJ and MMA

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Rickson Gracie doing Yoga and Breathing Exercises
Rickson Gracie doing Yoga and Breathing Exercises

Yoga is known to enhance flexibility, reduce injury, muscle stability, and relieve stress.  Many top BJJ Athletes and MMA fighters use Yoga to improve their flexibility and breathing habits.

Most athletes focus on strength and explosiveness, while flexibility is often ignored.  Flexibility can give you advantages by allowing you to perform techniques that opponents may not expect.  It can also give you some resistance to certain techniques where others may have to submit.  Where there is flexibility, there is also mobility and strength. Your agility will improve along with this flexibility.

The biggest focus of Yoga is your control of breathing.  Proper breathing also helps control your heart rate.  This in turn, will improve your cardio greatly allowing you to last longer in matches!

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