Sarah Matheson, Personal Trainer, Business Owner

Sarah Matheson Garcia Personal Trainer Reviews Professor Brian Ruscio Grappling Mastery

“Excellent Instructions!  I watched Brian come into the sport and manage a (Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu) school while earning his way to a black belt. As he progressed Brian was always polite, welcoming, helpful, fair and professional. I watched Brian work with kids, including his own son, and adults with patience and understanding. If you’re considering training somewhere it would be a good place to train. He has a good wrestling and martial arts background, as well as an overall knowledge and understanding of physical fitness as it relates to sports. I have known Brian for many years. I have seen him come into Gracie as a blue belt and work his way up to a black belt. He was the manager at Gracie for years where he learned how to deal with customers. He has great skills with kids. He teaches in a way that is safe, fun and effective. Motivation and encouragement is a primary force behind his methodology. I would suggest this school for anyone ranging from child to seasoned fighter.”