Ryan Swinford, Army Captain

Army Captain Ryan Swinford review of Grappling Mastery

“If you live in the Tavares, Eustis, Mt Dora area and are interested in adult, teen, or child instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, or Judo I cannot recommend IBJJF Black Belt  enough…absolutely the best instructor for all ages and skill levels in the area!!!  I looked around for quite a while searching for a place that trained kids. Most didn’t start until the kids are 12, but Brian started them at less than half that age! What I found at Grappling Mastery was not only a place where my seven year old son had a blast, learned an incredible amount about the sport of BJJ and self-defense, and made lots of friends, but a place where I could do the same. Brian promotes an atmosphere that is friendly while st the same time allowing for competition and hard rolling if desired. The one thing I thought my son would miss not being involved in traditional team sports is the team…I was very wrong. Grappling Mastery is an outstanding team and I would not train anywhere else!!!”