Kai “The Hammer” Staton

Kai "The Hammer"

“Great coach, Brian is helping me learn BJJ to make me a better MMA fighter. I really like the way he teaches and helping me learn the ground game.  Grappling Mastery is a great gym and is a great coach, he is very patient and teaches me both the basics and advanced techniques. I like that the whole Grappling Mastery team supports each other, in and out of the gym. After fighting for 6 years, I decided I wanted to try MMA. I already knew Boxing and Muay Thai, but I had no experience fighting on the ground. I started at Grappling Mastery 18 months ago, Brian has taught me so much in that time. Although I have a lot to learn, I feel very comfortable fighting on the ground now. Of all the fighting coaches I have had, Brian is easily my favorite. He understands my goals and is making sure I achieve them.”