Jorge “The Animal” Rodriguez, MMA Fighter, BJJ Blue Belt, and Motorcycle Mechanic

“I been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the past three and half years. I started in NY City and upon my move to Florida I started my search for a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school that was welcoming and offered quality instructions with a variety and flexible schedule. During my search I came across many schools and I visited them all. Finally I came across Brian and Grappling Mastery, here I found a home. A school and an instructor with fundamentals and tons of knowledge. I did not only found a home for myself and my unorthodox ground game but I also found a coach that was willing to take me under his wings and show me everything he knows with out restrictions. He offers the same drive, passion and unrestricted knowledge to everyone that walks trough the door and his love for teaching and the art makes him exceptional and above anyone I have known. It was Brian’s passion and drive that made me take the next step and make the decision to fight MMA. Brian devoted quality time to my personalized training and ensured and re- assured I was ready in all aspects, physically and mentally. Because of his great coaching and care and the support of all members of the team, my first MMA victory is attributed to Brian and the Grappling Mastery team. I am proud to represent and be part of such an awesome school and have such an awesome coach like . It doesn’t get any better than this.”