Jonathan Vazquez, Business Owner

jvazqueztestimo“I am 33 but have always been fascinated with martial arts ever since I was a kid but have never had a chance to get into it. Well today I took my first Muay Thai class and I must say, I was very impressed! Brian is great and so are the other coaches. They are very patient and make sure you learn the proper techniques before moving on. They are very serious at what they do but yet make it a fun experience in the process. I was taking krav maga at another school last month but wasnt really getting much out of it. Plus they only offered 2 krav maga classes per week. At Grappling Mastery they offer multiple classes per week on mornings, afternoons and evenings. So you will definitely get your money’s worth and more. Plus you get 30 days free to try it out. Can’t really beat that anywhere else. I could immediately tell the difference in this school and their commitment to teaching compared to the other one. I was very pleased! Looking forward to training at Grappling Mastery for a long time and giving it my best effort!”

Update: “I am happy to be a part of the BANG Muay Thai Mastery team. Coach Brian Ruscio is an excellent instructor. Very down to earth, knowledgeable, patient, and takes the time to work one on one with you when necessary. The people here have become like family. I can proudly say that I have learned so much in a short period of time thanks to everyone at Muay Thai Mastery that has helped me in one way or another. I look forward to it every time!”