Jennifer Hovestadt

Jennifer Hovestadt reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

“I had the opportunity to train under for about 2 years.  As a woman I did a lot of research on what to expect prior to attending my first class.  In spite of that, I still couldn’t help feeling a little “out of place” at times.  Brian had a way of putting everyone at ease though and I always learned a lot when he was training the class.  I was often able to drill and train directly with Brian, and he would always explain how to execute certain moves in a way that made sense to me.  I feel I got the most out of class when training with Brian.  I still remember learning the Scissor Sweep and getting it right for the first time while training with him!  Brian never made me, or anyone for that matter, feel out of place or like we were wasting his time.  He is a very friendly, patient and knowledgeable teacher.  If you are thinking about training with him, do yourself a favor and just do it!  You will not regret it.”