Jason Weber, Business Owner

Jason Weber Kids BJJ Review of Professor Brian Ruscio and Grappling Mastery

“Along with my wife I brought my boys to this gym a year ago. They have come a long way through diligent practice and focus on training lead by the amazing coaches at Grappling Mastery. I can’t begin to explain how proud I am of not only their results in competition but also the discipline and sportsmanship that is impressed upon them during their training. I couldn’t be more proud of them or happier in the choice of gyms and coaches than I am with Grappling Mastery. There is simply no better an instructor than Brian, He is a great teacher with adults and children. He teaches patience and honor along with attention to technical practice. I am proud to say he is my coach and will be as long as long as he is teaching.

We are at two years now and our whole family are now members along with the stellar children’s classes my wife and I are in the adult classes and we are loving it. A great way to stay in shape lose weight and learn a valuable skill. The kids have grown so much in the past year in Jiu Jitsu and with the ever growing team at grappling mastery have moved on to many competition wins. They have also had losses and they have taken them as learning experiences. This is a great family oriented gym and I do consider many of its members family!”