Jamie Hoover, Father

Jamie Hoover Reviews Grappling Masterys Kids Anti Bully Program with Professor Brian Ruscio

“Excellent training.. omg, this place is awesome, and they work with you and show you the correct way.  They are very patient even for an old guy like me. The boys love it here. They are always eager to come. A huge thanks to the excellent trainers that have the patience to teach my boys something new.  You can look and look, but I promise you, you will never find another instructor like Brian. He is patient, knowledgeable, and dedicated in teaching BJJ. As soon as you walk in the doors and meet Coach Brian, you can see how much he loves the sport. I would highly, highly recommend anyone whether your new and just want to see what it’s like or you have been practicing and rolling for years, to just go and speak with coach.. you will not regret it. Such a great coach, and guy.”