Fernando Reyero

Fernando Martin Reyero Reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

“I have the great pleasure to Know Brian for over 11 years, and seen him learn and become the incredible athlete he is today. One thing that has always separated him from the crowd was his love for teaching and his ability to teach. His whole life has been around wrestling, fitness, Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial arts. I know of his dream of having his own school since early 2005 at least, and seeing this dream fulfilled with Grappling Mastery, makes me so proud of my friend and trainer. Anyone who would want to learn properly and reach the next step in their training should train with Brian, since he won’t only teach you martial arts but also help you develop as a better person. The devotion and focus to develop himself and others that I have seen in Brian, is something that makes him and His School Grappling Mastery very unique. So if you want to learn proper MMA, sportsmanship and train with someone that has devoted all his life to be a great athlete and teacher and NEVER give up, you need to train with and his team at Grappling Mastery.”