Eric Hertel, BJJ Purple Belt and MMA/Kickboxing Instructor

Eric Hertel BJJ Purple Belt Reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

“Awesome!!! Just Awesome!!! From the instructor, , to the teammates I train with! Doesn’t get any better.  I have studied jiu jitsu since 09, and have been out of the game for the last year. Until now, meeting Brian and now training at his new school is great. He is patient and explains the techniques in detail. He is great with the kids as well as us adults. If you’re looking for a jiu jitsu school in Lake County Brian and Grappling Mastery is the place to go! I began training with Brian about a month ago. The first thing I noticed is he is patient and explains the techniques in detail for all in the class to understand. Kids to adults. I have been studying jiu jitsu since 2009 and was forced to stop training when I moved to Lake Co. But now that I found Brian and Grappling Mastery I’m training again. His classes are fun and informative. And if your unable to do a technique a certain way do to a limitation, he will explain and show you a variation that will work. If you have wanted to train in jiu jitsu in the past now there is a place in Lake County to train. Grappling Mastery is the name.”