Chuck Pivetz, Business Owner

Chuck Pivetz Review of Professor Brian Ruscio at Grappling Mastery

“I have trained with Brian for over 3 years and have learned more about the art of Jiu-Jitsu from him than anyone else. What a great gym he has created and great family. My experience at Grappling Mastery has been positive and exciting. I am trying to grow my knowledge and ability in Jiu Jitsu and other mixed martial arts. I have improved my skill level and knowledge under Brian in these areas of Jiu Jitsu: Takedowns, Guard Passing, Sweeps and Submissions. If you want to learn self-defense, stay in shape, or choke someone out with their own shirt, this is the place for you. The school has become a second family and everyone is willing to help others improve. We even attend UFC/Metamoris parties as a group. There are no egos and we have fun learning with Brian’s patient instruction.  You wont find a better instructor than Brian. As a practitioner he is accomplished having won Pan Ams in the expert adult black belt division. As an instructor his experience shows in his patience with the young ones and the new students also. He teaches for self defense and competition. I am proud to say my lineage begins with Brian on my own journey to black belt.”