Aron J Bland, Army Staff Sergeant & MMA Fighter

Aron Bland MMA Fighter reviews Grappling Mastery

“Great Class for all levels!  As a professional fighter I have worked with many talented coaches and many great gyms.  However, I can honestly say I have found my home here.  The level of knowledge and professionalism is bar none the best I have ever experienced. Currently training at Grappling Mastery with head coach . A Gracie Barra Black Belt, and damn good wrestler. I have never seen anyone combine the two styles so well.  Great Team! Brian brings a wealth of knowledge from many styles. As a professional fighter and active duty Soldier I have worked out with many great people and at many great gyms. I can say confindently Grappling Mastery is by far one of the most complete Teams I have ever worked out with! Great instruction for all levels, if you are in the area I highly suggest you check out Grappling Mastery!”