Alexander Scopino, Real Estate Agent

Alexander Scopino Reviews Grappling Mastery Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy

“Great teacher, great folks. Brian knows how to break the moves down so even beginners can understand how and WHY they work.  I’ve been training at grappling mastery now for a year and a half. I can’t say enough about the team, people and instructor. Coach Brian’s understanding of technique is unparalleled. He takes time in class to answer questions and is quick to point out the details that make the techniques work. The people of Grappling Mastery are amazing. The higher belts are willing to help you improve any chance they can and always willing to work with you. I can’t recommend Grappling Mastery enough.  As popular as BJJ is, you won’t find a better instructor or better school. Not only is Brian a world class black belt but he has the knowledge, foresight and patience to teach moves so everyone can understand them from beginner to advanced. He has created a friendly and welcoming environment where even the newest student can feel at home. Just the other day I was having trouble with a move when it seemed like the rest of the class had gotten it. He took the time out to explain it in different ways until I got it. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”