Brandon Elliot

Brandon Elliot, EMT

Before I start my drive to Mt. Dora, I'd just like to take a moment and say what an honor and a pleasure it is to train at Grappling Mastery.  It is a rare thing indeed to find a coach as knowledgeable and technically proficient as Brian Ruscio; what's even more impressive is his obvious passion … Continue reading

Jessica Hartman Donahue, Mother

This place is amazing! It has been such a great experience for my 11 year old son. His self confidence has gone up so much in just a few weeks. Brian and the other instructors do such a great job encouraging and teaching the … Continue reading

Jonathan Vazquez, Business Owner

"I am 33 but have always been fascinated with martial arts ever since I was a kid but have never had a chance to get into it. Well today I took my first Muay Thai class and I must say, I was very impressed! Brian is great and so are the other coaches. They are very patient and make sure you learn … Continue reading
"Chino" Batista Reviews Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Freddy Batista, Army Veteran, Father & Photographer

Brian and the rest of the Grappling Mastery Team bring a level of professionalism that sets the standard in our regional area. He leads with truth and integrity and teaches complex moves in a way that could easy be published in Jiu Jitsu for Dummies. His pride and passion to honor the sport is … Continue reading
Army Medic, Tony Tindell in Afghanistan

Sgt. Tony Tindell, Army Medic & Firefighter/Paramedic

You hear a lot of stories about returning Combat vets. They're Angry, Drinking, Depressed or have PTSD; well I'm glad to say this isn't me and there one very distinct reason for that, besides my wife; Grappling Mastery. I was still in Ghazni Afghanistan when I contacted Professor Ruscio … Continue reading
Jorge Rodriguez reviews Grappling Mastery

Jorge “The Animal” Rodriguez, Army Veteran & LEO

I've been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the past three and half years. I started in NY City and upon my move to Florida I started my search for a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school that was welcoming and offered quality instructions with a variety and flexible schedule. During my search I came across … Continue reading
Kathern Uvalle, Self Employed Mother testimonial of Grappling Mastery

Kathern Uvalle, Self Employed Mother

I would like to share my experience. I joined October 2015 and wanted to be sure to give a review based on many months after I joined. I am new to BJJ, started 6 months prior to joining here. I am very happy I made the switch. If you are looking to train somewhere that you are being taught proper … Continue reading
Keith Donaldson, Silhouette Artist

Keith Donaldson, Silhouette Artist

After training in several other grappling schools, I am so pleased to have found the best at last! Not only is Brian very thorough and proficient in jiu jitsu techniques but his vast wrestling background really compliments and solidifies the actual application of the positions, and techniques. … Continue reading
Erin Mullen with her son, Sammy

Erin Mullen, Mother

Grappling Mastery's BJJ, and Muay Thai classes have taught me so much. Brian Ruscio is a great instructor and I would highly recommend his classes. I initially joined to learn self defense, and after a few months feel able to defend myself in any situation. I enjoyed Brian's classes and … Continue reading
Deetra Staton, Zumba Instructor reviews Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Deetra Staton, Mother and Zumba Instructor

"Grappling Mastery has established itself as an important part of the community. Brian Ruscio is a highly trained First Degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He also has a life time of experience in wrestling. Brian is an amazing instructor and makes sure the gym maintains a family and team … Continue reading
Brandi Rust, Behavioral Health Tech & Mother

Brandi Rust, Behavioral Health Tech & Mother

"Can't say enough about Brian and his team! They inspire, teach discipline, respect, and all while having fun. So glad my family has become a part of something so wonderful. Amazing gym and such a wonderful crowd. Brian and his team are excellent. I have watched my son grow so much in such a short … Continue reading
Ted "Doc" Kendall, Navy Field Medic

Ted “Doc” Kendall, Navy Field Medic

"I was completely blown away with the style of teaching that Brian brings to the table. He is able to explain things in multiple ways until you understand when, how, and why you are doing certain techniques. The atmosphere is one of learning where everyone helps everyone and you never have to worry … Continue reading
Jaime and Preston Goldsmith

Jaimie Goldsmith, Mother and Insurance Agent

"This academy is truly outstanding! My son has attended since November 2014 and he is a tough one to like any activity but from the first class Brian (instructor/owner) made him interested! Brian has the unique ability to keep the kids involved & focused on the task at hand. Plus with Rita as … Continue reading
Chris Lowe, Firefighter

Chris Lowe, Firefighter

 "I've known Brian Ruscio since 2005 and trained for a few years with him in Orlando. I decided I would travel to Mt. Dora from Lakeland, FL and train with him. Grappling Mastery was very clean and professionally ran by Brian. His techniques were awesome and his students welcomed me as a visitor … Continue reading
Christiana and Keanu Carrol

Christina Carroll, Mother

"Grappling Mastery... it's the BEST style of martial arts I've experienced in town! Brian was very kind and was patient and soft spoken with my little man! My son was excited to go back and quickly learned the moves! I HIGHLY recommend THIS martial arts facility! And trust me... I have tried them … Continue reading

Jose Usquiano

Awesome, Brian was always a great athlete. He is a very thoughtful guy and also strong, his background in wrestling makes him dangerous. Great … Continue reading
Michael F Jenkins reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Michael F. Jenkins

"Brian is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and humble. He is very patient with the kids and us older learners. Everyone at Grappling Mastery was friendly and helpful. Highly … Continue reading
Tom Benitez 63 year old reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Tom Benitez, 63 years old, Photographer

 "I started training at Grappling Mastery about 4 months ago. Brian Ruscio is a patient, knowledgeable coach and the academy is family friendly for all ages. I am now trying to get my 6 year old into BJJ as I think it will be a great experience for him. I would recommend Grappling Mastery to … Continue reading
Katie Mother of Serenidy Joseph Reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Katie Joseph, Mother, Sales

"I took my daughter here in March 2015 because we were looking to get her into MMA. She has been loving the classes as well as the great teachers! I even started private sessions with Brian and the women's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Saturdays. If you truly want to learn what Grappling Mastery has to … Continue reading
David Robarge II Reviews Grappling Mastery

David Robarge II, Web Designer

"Since I was 9 years old, I have studied many forms of self defense from; Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, and Eagle Claw Kung Fu. Out of all the different facilities that I have trained at, they are nothing like the Grappling Mastery. I have just started there about 3 weeks ago and I already enjoy it more … Continue reading
Shane Father of Sage Croft Reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Shane Croft, Father of Sage Croft

"Over the past few years, my son has been fortunate to become one of the best teen grapplers in the country. We have had many, many coaches across many states, and I can clearly state that Brian Ruscio from Grappling Mastery is one of the very best. He can teach not only at the highest level of the … Continue reading
Police Captain Anthony Biasella Reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Anthony Biasella, Police Captain

"I am pleased to announce that I have recently joined the Grappling Mastery family and I could not be happier with my choice! Professor Ruscio has created a positive environment for all athletes, regardless of their abilities. His patience and love for the sport is evident in his demeanor and … Continue reading
Brian Cole reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Brian Cole, Father

"Fantastic school to learn BJJ plus many other techniques. It's like one big family! Professor Brian Ruscio is very knowledgeable and patient with his students. It's a great family and positive … Continue reading
Michael Mashburn reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Michael Mashburn, MMA Trainer

"I have trained in Jiu-Jitsu at various periods in my life since the late 1990's. I started with Alliance Jiu-Jitsu in Atlanta. After a few years off, I trained under a Gracie Barra program where I used the knowledge to start competing in Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling. Once again after another few years off, … Continue reading
Mike Staton Reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Mike Staton, Boxing Coach and Business Owner

“We are so pleased to find an instructor that has the patience, time, skill, great with kids, and all around passion to teach. It is great to learn from a Black belt instructor with Gracie lineage. My child was new to Jiu Jitsu and fell in love with the sport, he has progressed quickly thanks to … Continue reading
Fernando Martin Reyero Reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Fernando Reyero

"I have the great pleasure to Know Brian for over 11 years, and seen him learn and become the incredible athlete he is today. One thing that has always separated him from the crowd was his love for teaching and his ability to teach. His whole life has been around wrestling, fitness, Jiu Jitsu and … Continue reading
Bulldog Tactical John and Tina Review Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Tina and John Helms, Bulldog Tactical

“This training is one of the best things we have done for Johnny! Brian Ruscio is by far the most patient, caring, happy go lucky instructors out there. Johnny loves learning from him and he’s doing very well at it. My Lake county friends…this is the guy for you if you want your kids to … Continue reading
Jeremy Miller Reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Jeremy Miller

"I finally got the opportunity to train at Grappling Mastery last night and was honestly impressed. He was very welcoming and had plenty of time for all of his students. The class was filled with enthusiasm and students were having a good time. Don’t miss your chance to train under a legitimate … Continue reading
Chuck Pivetz Review of Professor Brian Ruscio at Grappling Mastery

Chuck Pivetz, Business Owner

"I have trained with Brian for over 3 years and have learned more about the art of Jiu-Jitsu from him than anyone else. What a great gym he has created and great family. My experience at Grappling Mastery has been positive and exciting. I am trying to grow my knowledge and ability in Jiu Jitsu and … Continue reading
Lucas Martineau Review of Grappling Mastery

Lucas Martineau

“Outstanding instruction! Definitely an awesome learning environment and it feels like one big family! Brian and Rita genuinely care about your progress and growth in Jiu Jitsu! No one is out to prove anything which creates a very comfortable and welcoming class setting. The physical benefits are … Continue reading
Jason Weber Kids BJJ Review of Professor Brian Ruscio and Grappling Mastery

Jason Weber, Business Owner

“Along with my wife I brought my boys to this gym a year ago. They have come a long way through diligent practice and focus on training lead by the amazing coaches at Grappling Mastery. I can’t begin to explain how proud I am of not only their results in competition but also the discipline and … Continue reading
Jay Pagan review of Grappling Mastery

Jay Pagan

“Unique training. Multifaceted … and flexible, the coaching and staff really know how to teach BJJ to anyone, of any capability, and special needs. Talented group. After a few classes the knowledge you have can be applied immediately as a matter of protection or competition. Exhilarating … … Continue reading
Jamie Asmus reviews Grappling Mastery

Jamie Asmus

“I’m very pro-active and women (and men) need to know how to defend themselves. You offer a great free program and it would behoove a lot of people, women and girls especially to get some sort of at least a basic self defense course. Don’t become a victim, learn how to think defensively and … Continue reading
Aron Bland MMA Fighter reviews Grappling Mastery

Aron J Bland, Army Staff Sergeant & MMA Fighter

“Great Class for all levels!  As a professional fighter I have worked with many talented coaches and many great gyms.  However, I can honestly say I have found my home here.  The level of knowledge and professionalism is bar none the best I have ever experienced. Currently training at … Continue reading
Mike Guido reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Michael Guido, Operations Manager

“Brian is an amazing instructor, with an incredible nack for not only showing me proper techniques in my training but also taking the time to explain the do’s and don’ts in detail. he is extremely professional, knowledgeable and patient. He has not only taught me in the school, he has given … Continue reading
Kai "The Hammer"

Kai “The Hammer” Staton

“Great coach, Brian is helping me learn BJJ to make me a better MMA fighter. I really like the way he teaches and helping me learn the ground game.  Grappling Mastery is a great gym and Brian Ruscio is a great coach, he is very patient and teaches me both the basics and advanced techniques. I … Continue reading
Margie Bou Review of Grappling Mastery

Margie Bou, Mother and Nurse

“I train here with my daughter. It’s perfect not just in learning self-defense, but it gets us moving. Brian was also very accommodating to my schedule, which usually prevents me from participating in group classes. Brian is awesome, even in a group class he takes the time to review each move … Continue reading
Paul and Allison Folgore Review of Grappling Mastery

Allison Folgore, Mother and Business Owner

“I cannot explain how excited my son is to go to class everyday! He loves it! The staff are hands on and extremely patient, but stern in the choice to teach the kids. My son knew nothing about BJJ before, but loves it. Practices all the time. If you are looking for a place that is kid/family … Continue reading
Ken Roberts with Mike Chiesa photo for Review of Grappling Mastery and Professor Ruscio

Ken Roberts, Armed Security

“Grappling Mastery is more than just a great BJJ and MMA academy, it is a growing community. We not only help and learn from each other, we communicate and hang out with each other outside of class, too. We’ve helped each other move, gone bowling, been to each other’s homes and our kids … Continue reading
Don Johnson reviews Grappling Mastery

Don Johnson, Sales

“Great classes! Brian really takes the time to work with you and show techniques in depth. I look forward to continue training with him at each and every … Continue reading
Jennifer Hovestadt reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Jennifer Hovestadt

“I had the opportunity to train under Brian Ruscio for about 2 years.  As a woman I did a lot of research on what to expect prior to attending my first class.  In spite of that, I still couldn’t help feeling a little “out of place” at times.  Brian had a way of putting everyone at ease … Continue reading
Joey Green Reviews Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery

Joey Green, Software Developer

“Brian does a great job of managing one of the most popular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools in Central Florida and the World. (Gracie Barra) Brian always takes his time with instruction and is always patient with students of every … Continue reading
Jamie Hoover Reviews Grappling Masterys Kids Anti Bully Program with Professor Brian Ruscio

Jamie Hoover, Father

“Excellent training.. omg, this place is awesome, and they work with you and show you the correct way.  They are very patient even for an old guy like me. The boys love it here. They are always eager to come. A huge thanks to the excellent trainers that have the patience to teach my boys … Continue reading

Ralph Dozier, Retired

“Brian is a highly motivated, detail orientated professional. Brian has worked extremely hard to rise to the top of his profession, while also maintaining a very diverse … Continue reading
Sarah Matheson Garcia Personal Trainer Reviews Professor Brian Ruscio Grappling Mastery

Sarah Matheson, Personal Trainer, Business Owner

“Excellent Instructions!  I watched Brian come into the sport and manage a (Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu) school while earning his way to a black belt. As he progressed Brian was always polite, welcoming, helpful, fair and professional. I watched Brian work with kids, including his own son, and … Continue reading
Leslie McQuilkin Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Reviews Grappling Mastery

Leslie McQuilkin, Tae Kwon Do Black Belt

“Fun, great exercise… tiring. Wonderful instruction. From Brazillian Jiujitsu! wrestling,! Boxing! Muay Thai! Tae Kwondo! and MMA competitors you have a perfect mix. fun, super affordable, friendly, and professional. I wouldn’t go anywhere … Continue reading
Alexander Scopino Reviews Grappling Mastery Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy

Alexander Scopino, Real Estate Agent

“Great teacher, great folks. Brian knows how to break the moves down so even beginners can understand how and WHY they work.  I've been training at grappling mastery now for a year and a half. I can't say enough about the team, people and instructor. Coach Brian's understanding of technique is … Continue reading
Christopher Gerkin review of Grappling Mastery BJJ Academy

Christopher Gerkin

“The best place for martial arts I’ve beer been to.  The atmosphere is relaxed enough to enjoy learning but has the intensity to make you strive for achievement … Continue reading

Jose Andres

“He’s a good teacher! Will take his time to teach you the right way, with all his heart into it! And also very fun to … Continue reading
Army Captain Ryan Swinford review of Grappling Mastery

Ryan Swinford, Army Captain

“If you live in the Tavares, Eustis, Mt Dora area and are interested in adult, teen, or child instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, or Judo I cannot recommend IBJJF Black Belt Brian Ruscio enough…absolutely the best instructor for all ages and skill levels in the area!!!  I looked … Continue reading