BJJ Technique: Omoplata Attacks and Counterattacks

Setting up Omoplata at the NAGA Pan American Championship finals against Brazilian Top Team MMA Instructor Wanderlei Camilo

The omoplata is a versatile submission that can be used to finish a fight or simply to regain position and turn the tides of a match. It can be used as an attack or a counterattack.  In the following videos, Professor Brian Ruscio demonstrates a few of the options that the Omoplata offers.  There are many more options and we will explore those in the future.  Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel so you get to be the first to see our newest technique videos.

Grappling Mastery in Action! “Doc” vs. “Panda”

Grappling Mastery is home to multiple Florida State Champions, Regional Champions, and Pan American Champions among many other highly respected competitions.

Here is another great video featuring Grappling Mastery Team Members by Tom Benitez.  Ted “Doc” Kendall and Carlos “Panda” Caparas are seen grappling during a documentary about Military Veterans, PTSD, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Grappling Monday from Tom Benitez on Vimeo.

Ted and Carlos grapple during open mat

Physics of Judo and other Throws in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

Judo Classes at Grappling Mastery in Mount Dora, Florida

Here is a video project of the Physics of Judo and other Throws utilized in BJJ that I helped a student of Gracie Barra in Orlando put together.  This is titled Physics of Judo in BJJ because some takedowns in BJJ and Wrestling, such as the Double-Leg or the act of Holding the Gi for a prolonged time are banned in Judo Competition.

Some memorable quotes… “What the…” and “Now if Physics aren’t involved in that!…”  Enjoy!

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Triangle Choke Escapes for No Gi BJJ

We learn Triangles and other Submissions in BJJ, but what about how to escape?  I get asked all the time, “how do you escape a triangle?”  In the following video I will be demonstrating 3 escapes for a triangle choke at the different progressive stages of it being locked in.  The demonstration happened when our Kimonos were off, but these can be performed with the Gi on as well.

Defense is vital.  Remember, if you can avoid being submitted, eventually you will get your chance to apply a submission on your opponent.

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