Technique: Mata Leao / Rear Nake Choke (RNC) Detailed Instruction

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The Mata Leao or Rear Naked Choke (RNC) is one of the most popular chokes, or submissions for that matter, in the world.  It is well know in self defense scenarios of almost every martial art, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sambo, Catch Wrestling, Luta Livre, and MMA.  It is a very simple technique, yet there are some details that make it even more effective and hard to defend.

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BJJ Technique: Crossbow Choke (Bow & Arrow with your Shin behind the Neck)

Grappling Mastery: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA Academy

Here is the Crossbow Choke or Bow & Arrow using your shin. It can be applied when the opponent turns away from you and is simply protecting themselves and waiting to catch you in a half guard when you try to mount.  Higher Belts like to turn away and simply defend or wait for you to mount when in side control.  Try this Bow and Arrow choke as an alternate to simply trying to mount them.

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Indian Deathlock Submission from Reverse Half Guard

Grappling Mastery: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA Academy

The Indian Deathlock is a Catch Wrestling Submission that can be set up from man positions.  Here, Professor Brian Ruscio demonstrates a setup for this painful submission from a Reverse Half Guard position gained from passing the De La Riva Guard.  Also in this video is a way to switch from Reverse Half Guard to the Mount Position.

Knee Slice Decompression Submission vs. De La Riva Guard

Grappling Mastery: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA Academy

Here is a Knee Slice/Decompression style submission and pass that can be used against the De La Riva Guard.  De La Riva is an effective Guard used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Jeff Glover Seminar Review

Jeff Glover Seminar

Jeff Glover is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt with wins over 7-time World BJJ Black Belt Champion, Caio Terra and a submission win over 6-time BJJ Black Belt World Champion, Robson Moura at the 2011 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship. Jeff Glover is known for his unique and often humorous grappling style and personality.  Jeff performed a seminar in Orlando, Florida and Professor Brian Ruscio had the opportunity to attend.

BJJ Black Belts Brian Ruscio and Jeff Glover
BJJ Black Belts Brian Ruscio and Jeff Glover

The seminar began with Jeff Glover introducing himself in an expectedly humorous way.  He had two major things to point out before he began showing some great techniques and strategies.

  1. Even though he has no problem finding great training partners at nearby schools where he lives, he pointed out that his main focus is making his teammates into great training partners.  If you see a teammate performing even one detail wrong, correct them and that will go far in making everyone on your team very good.
  2. Everybody is different and has their own game.  Some are have strong, powerful bodies while others have strong, powerful minds.  Some have both.  Adopt moves and techniques that work for your own body and personality.  Create a style that is your own.  What are you doing that is different than everyone else?

The techniques taught were based on the Deep Half Guard, the Guillotine Choke, and the Triangle Choke.

Jeff Glover demonstrating a Deep Half Guard Drill with Brian Ruscio
Jeff Glover demonstrating a Deep Half Guard Drill with Brian Ruscio

Deep Half Guard:

  1. Getting to Half Guard from various positions
  2. Over the Falls
  3. Out the Back Door
  4. Coming up on the Single
  5. Deep Half Counters

See Professor Brian Ruscio winning the NAGA Pan-American Expert Light Heavyweight Division using a Toe-Hold from Deep Half Guard


Jeff Glover demonstrating an Arm in Guillotine with Brian Ruscio
Jeff Glover demonstrating an Arm in Guillotine with Brian Ruscio


  1. One Handed Guillotine
  2. Arm in Guillotine
  3. Guillotine Setup and Finish Strategies

Triangle Choke

  1. Setting up the Triangle Choke Strategies
Jeff Glover Orlando Florida Seminar
Jeff Glover Orlando Florida Seminar

We will be reviewing the techniques demonstrated over the next couple weeks here at Grappling Mastery: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA.


Butterfly Sweeps in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Grappling Mastery: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA Academy

Butterfly Guard is an effective position in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA.  There are many ways to set up sweeps and submissions from this guard.  It has it’s weakness, however if mastered or used as a transitional guard position, it can be a dangerous addition to your game increasing your sweeps and submissions.

Some Key Points in Butterfly Guard:

  • “Glue” the top of your feet to the opponents inner thighs
  • Keep your Knees angled outward
  • Always visualize your opponent between your guard.
  • Strong underhook, Strong overhook
  • Create an angle for your attacks

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BJJ Technique: Von Flue Guillotine Escape

BJJ Black Belt, Brian Ruscio

Professor Brian Ruscio demonstrates a Counter to the Guillotine when your arm is free.  A neck-only guillotine choke is a dangerous submission that finishes opponents quickly.  It is popular in the UFC and other MMA events.  Due to this fact, it is also a popular hold with in street fights with individuals who may not know any martial arts.  This counter will be effective for MMA, BJJ, or Self Defense for this reason.

Vital Keys to the Technique:

  • Tripod on your toes and the top of your head
  • Address the choke, relieving pressure
  • Hug all they way around to the opponents opposite shoulder (I call this “elbow deep”)
  • Don’t waste energy squeezing. Transition all of your weight to the shoulder on the opponents neck to perform a choke of your own.
  • The opponent will either let go to push you off, tap, or pass out.
  • If it takes more than a few seconds to get this result you may not be positioning yourself properly.

Remember! Our first defense should be to never hang our head.  If caught, we should pass the guard immediately.  If these aren’t viable options, then this technique will serve as an effective defense or counter, possibly submitting your opponent.

Note: A similar technique known as the “Von Flue Choke” can performed from side control.

Techniques are for demonstration purposes only and should not be performed without a professional instructor present.

Technique: Double-Legged Omoplata Submission from Turtle Guard

BJJ Black Belt, Brian Ruscio

Here is an unorthodox way to simultaneously escape RNC and Clock Chokes from Turtle Guard while potentially locking in an Omoplata (Shoulder Lock) Submission in Gi or No Gi.

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Triangle Choke Escapes for No Gi BJJ

We learn Triangles and other Submissions in BJJ, but what about how to escape?  I get asked all the time, “how do you escape a triangle?”  In the following video I will be demonstrating 3 escapes for a triangle choke at the different progressive stages of it being locked in.  The demonstration happened when our Kimonos were off, but these can be performed with the Gi on as well.

Defense is vital.  Remember, if you can avoid being submitted, eventually you will get your chance to apply a submission on your opponent.

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Seven BJJ Black Belts demonstrate Favorite Techniques

Seven BJJ Black Belts gathered today to raise funds for Aubrey’s family, a little girl who was struck by a hit-and-run on school property while riding her bike with a friend.

The Black Belts gathered at Gracie Barra in Kissimmee, Florida to demonstrate some of their favorite techniques to those who made a donation.  Luckily, we caught some of these techniques on video.

Below you will find the full seminar and each individual BJJ technique video below! The order of techniques has been rearranged to better flow from position to position.  Below the playlist you will find the individual techniques have been separated into the order they were shown.

The Black Belts who donated their time and skills were:

Marcio Simas, 6th Degree BJJ Black Belt Mestre

Mike Busby, 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt Professor

Igor Andrade, 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt Professor

Fabian Reyes, 1st Degree BJJ Black Belt Professor

Rich Rodriguez, BJJ Black Belt

Dave Ogden, 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt Professor

Brian Ruscio, BJJ Black Belt Professor