What is Grappling?

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Grappling is a style of fighting that does not involve punches, kicks, or any other type of striking.  Some Martial Arts that use Grappling Techniques are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, and Sambo.  Some striking arts have grappling elements such as Muay Thai and Sanshou or Sanda.

Grappling specializes in Throws, Takedowns, Controlling your Opponent, Dominant Positioning, Sweeps, Joint Locks, Chokes, and other Submissions.  Some Grappling Styles use a Gi, or Kimono, while others do not.

In the early days of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) Grappling was introduced as a formidable style of fighting when Royce Gracie and the Gracie Family fought in a No Holds Barred tournament to show which styles came out on top.  Royce beat most opponents without throwing a single punch and used a lackluster front kick only to distract people from his attempt to clinch for a takedown.  His biggest rivalries were against Ken Shamrock, a submission fighter and Dan Severn, a Greco-Roman Wrestler.  He also had a notable fight against Kimo Leopoldo, in which Kimo was credited as a Taekwondo Black Belt, though he also wrestled growing up.

Other UFC, King of the Cage, and Pride FC matches proved over and over that Grappling Arts were superior to the striking arts.  Not until later, when strikers started to learn techniques from Grappling and how to counter them, did they start to overcome the grapplers.  In response, Grapplers started to learn how to strike and combined it with Grappling.  This was the evolution of mixed martial arts we see today.  Many fights now come down to who the better athlete was, not which martial art is superior.  This is because the athletes are both familiar with striking and grappling.  Grappling remains a vital part of every MMA fighter’s training regimen.

At Grappling Mastery we specialize in the Grappling Arts.  Professor Brian Ruscio is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and has been Wrestling since 5 years of age.  He also has extensive knowledge of Judo and Sambo techniques.  Grappling Mastery also offers Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes to compliment our Grappling Techniques.  Muay Thai Coach Mike Sgroi and Professor Brian Ruscio both have a history of training MMA Fighters, both amateur and professional, some even appearing on TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) and UFC.

Come try a FREE Class at Grappling Mastery to see what Grappling is all about.  We have a great group of people waiting to help you!

UFC 181 Party with Mike “Maverick” Chiesa Gallery

Grappling Mastery was honored to celebrate TUF Winner, Mike “Maverick” Chiesa’s birthday at our UFC 181 watch party.  Mike is a great guy and very humble.  We were joined by the fine folks at Gator Harley Davidson as they invited us to their private viewing at Hurricane Dockside Restaurant.

It was a great time for everyone involved!

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U.S. Army MMA Conditioning with Grappling Mastery

U.S. Army MMA Conditioning Workout with Grappling Mastery Team
U.S. Army MMA Conditioning Workout with Grappling Mastery Team

Today at 6:30 a.m., the United States Army arrived in Tavares of Lake County, Florida to join BJJ Black Belt Brian Ruscio, MMA Fighter Aron “The Trendsetter” Bland before his fight this September 6th, and the Grappling Mastery Team in a special MMA Conditioning Class.  This is a regular class at Grappling Mastery designed by Brian Ruscio and we were happy to have the United States Army join us for this workout.  We met a lot of great people and look forward to them joining in our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and MMA classes.  The MMA Conditioning Class is for everyone, whether they are a seasoned fighter, or just trying to lose weight.  Rounds are timed, and participants go at their own pace.  The harder you go, the harder the workout!  Take a look at the videos and pictures for a look at what went down!

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Special Thanks to Rita Rojas and Samantha Cerna for all the footage!

Private Lessons with BJJ Black Belt, Brian Ruscio

Brian Ruscio, Head Instructor
Brian Ruscio, Head Instructor

I am pleased to announce that I have new times available for private lessons.  Private lessons were usually only available before classes.  However, due to those time slots being filled up for the next month or so, I have opened up some new time slots.  Contact me by phone, email, or facebook to schedule a private lesson today!

Private Lessons are available to members and non-members.  As always, Grappling Mastery members receive special pricing!