Wrestling for BJJ: Lateral Drop Throw

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The lateral drop is an effective wrestling throw that works well in BJJ.  It can be used to take down an opponent directly in side control, or Kesa Gatame (Judo).  In Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling this takedown would normally score 3 points, however in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu all takedowns currently score only 2 points.  In either case the lateral drop lands you in a very dominant position!

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Side Suplay (Suplex) Defense to Headlock

The Belly to Side Suplay (aka Suplex) is a wrestling throw that serves as a spectacular counter to a Head & Arm Throw or Headlock.  This throw requires practice with a wrestler’s bridge but once drilled to perfection you can easily lift and throw bigger opponents over your head.  With a perfect arch you can achieve a “Grand Amplitude” giving you 5 points in Greco and Freestyle Wrestling Competition.  This is NOT considered a Slam in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as it is a natural arc, with no changes in the direction of the throw!  There is also no spiking motion.  In the video below we’ve slowed down the motion so you can see the details of the throw.  As this demonstration was for training purposes, Coach Ruscio opted to take our opponent to his back instead of over the back of his neck and head to save our training partner possible injury.  Notice the smiles afterward 😉

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