Technique: Basic and Deep Half Guard Escapes from Back Control

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Here are some Basic, Fundamental, and Deep Half Guard Escapes when your opponent has your back in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  For most people, having an opponent behind them is the most dangerous position in combat sports.  Here are some simple and very effective ways of escaping this position.  The seated position is a common position in ground fighting but also represents a lot of variations of back control.  These escapes can all be modified for laying down, turtled, and even versions of back control while we are standing or against a cage wall.


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Technique: Double-Legged Omoplata Submission from Turtle Guard

BJJ Black Belt, Brian Ruscio

Here is an unorthodox way to simultaneously escape RNC and Clock Chokes from Turtle Guard while potentially locking in an Omoplata (Shoulder Lock) Submission in Gi or No Gi.

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Side Control Escape to Double Leg Finish Drill

This week we are practicing some effective side control escapes.  Here is a useful partner drill to practice one of the fundamental escapes from an opponents side control.  This technique is useful for wrestlers and top game players as it results in a double leg type position where you could perform a “sit-out” or just finish the double.

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