UFC Fighter, Jim “The Beast” Alers MMA Seminar Review

Jim "The Beast" Alers MMA Seminar
Jim “The Beast” Alers MMA Seminar

This seminar has already happened, however you can see clips of it here:

Jim “The Beast” Alers will be teaching a seminar for charity at Grappling Mastery on June 18th.  Minimum Donation $25

This will happen before his next UFC Fight on July 23.  Jim Alers is a 13-2 MMA Fighter with a 69% Submission Win Percentage!

Jim is a old training partner and friend of Grappling Mastery Instructors, Professor Brian Ruscio and Mitchell Chamale.  Jim has an extensive background in Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and some Boxing.  He will be teaching how he uses his Grappling skills amidst striking to help him win in MMA.

This will be a No GI event.  If you’re a GI guy or girl, remember, anything you can do without the GI can be done with the GI barring some moves that may be illegal in your division.

This Seminar will be for Charity Only and will be added to our Team Jay Event on Saturday, June 25thDonations will be a minimum of $25.00

Team Jay: Jay is a 9 year old boy from Mount Dora, Florida who has battling leukemia since January 17, 2014. During that time he has had to overcome multiple setbacks beyond the expected challenges of chemotherapy. His treatments are ongoing still today, over 2 years later.  All donations will go directly to Jay Ryon, Jr. and his parents.  His parents stay with Jay each time he s in the hospital and drive form Lake County to Orlando multiple times each week when Jay is home. Please support him as he fights leukemia!

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