We are proud to Carry Defense Soap Products!

Grappling Mastery is proud to use and carry Defense Soap

“Offense wins Matches, Defense Keeps you on the Mat.”

At Grappling Mastery, we care about cleanliness.  That’s why we carry the Defense Soap Products and use Mueller Sports Medicine Mat Cleaner (Whizzer) on our mats.

Defense Soap is the first all-in-one soap formulated specifically for combat athletes. The natural ingredients found in Defense Soap act as a natural remedy against the kind of skin problems combat athletes face. These problems are well known. They include everything from Ringworm and Staph to Impetigo, Herpes, Jock Itch and Athlete’s Foot.

Simply using Defense Soap as your regular hygienic soap will go a long way toward the elimination of these potential skin problems.

Defense Soap is manufactured in the United State of America in a FDA approved facility.  They use only the highest quality natural essential oils in the highest concentrations possible.  The ingredients in Defense Soap are better for the skin’s healthy flora than chemicals.  Fungal and inflammatory skin conditions such as Ringworm, Staph, Herpes and Impetigo arise when pathogenic bacteria, fungi or viruses gain control over our skin’s healthy flora.

Unfortunately, antibacterial chemicals, as well as antibiotics, have been used extensively since the 1970’s. The problem is these synthetic chemicals can deplete the skin’s “good” bacteria.  In some cases, as is the case with MRSA, these infections can become resistant to antibiotics. If the healthy bacteria is destroyed along with the harmful ones it makes it that much harder to control reoccurring outbreaks.

The active ingredients in Defense Soap are helping to reverse that trend.

Malaleuca (Tea Tree) Oil contains a constituent called terpinen-4-ol that has been clinically shown to be responsible for most of tea tree oil’s activity. Because tea tree oil reacts adversely to bacteria and fungus, using soap with tea tree oil can disrupt the skin-dwelling bacteria and fungus that are involved in causing skin disruptions. Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil is known to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities as a topically applied ingredient. Eucalyptus Oil is used in personal hygiene products for its antimicrobial properties including dental care and soaps. Eucalyptus Oil also has antiviral properties and is recognized by The Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) which is the official compendium for Homeopathic Drugs in the U.S. HPUS is recognized by the FDA.

Defense Soap is simple, affordable, safe, and easy to use.

Available Defense Soap Products:

  • Super Shield Laundry Deodorizer
  • Defense Soap Bar
  • Defense Soap Barrier Foam
  • Defense Soap Body Wipes
  • Defense Soap Shower Gel
  • Defense Soap Equipment Spray
  • Defense Soap Essential Oil
  • Defense Soap Healing Salve

Check out the Grappling Mastery Pro Shop for Defense Soap Products or the Defense Soap website for more information.

Defen se Soap Shower Gel

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