Self Defense: Bear Hug Defenses

Here are some easy to learn defenses against a bear hug. Bear Hugs are usually employed by bigger, stronger adversaries who are trying to control you or drag you away. These are very basic techniques to defend the bear hug and can be done by anyone. As one becomes more skilled there are more advanced and potentially better options available.  These defenses can be used in combination with other techniques as well, such as eye gouging, foot stomping, kneeing, and more.  “Bear” in mind, that when it comes to self defense, it is usually under a high stress situation and your body/mind will only respond to the simplest techniques that have been drilled over and over into muscle memory.  This is called a learned or corrected response and can become instinctual response.

In the following examples the attacker trapped both of the instructors arms.  When the arms are not trapped we have even more options available such as a knee bar attack, breaking the attackers leg!

Defense vs. Rear Attack

Defense vs. Frontal Attack

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