TRX Strapped Suspension Training

TRX Strapped Suspension Training at Grappling Mastery
TRX Suspension Training Coach, Seanny Diesel
TRX Suspension Training Coach, Seanny Diesel

Coach: Seanny Diesel

Certified ISSA Personal Fitness Trainer

Certified TRX Suspension/RIP Instructor


What is Suspension Training?

A form of exercise in which your entire body is being activated, toned and strengthened. “No, you are not suspended in mid air!”  During this session you are using OFFICIAL TRX Suspension Trainers created by the Navy Seals! The resistance is your own bodyweight.

This class runs for 45 – 60 minutes.

  • Stretching
  • Suspension Training
  • Final Stretch

Drop in Rate: $25/class

Monthly Packages are offered at a discounted rate.

What is RIP Training?

A RIP TRAINER is another amazing creation from TRX Training. Anyone can perform these exercises that improve your body’s posture, strength, and flexibility. This class incorporates a tool that has an attached resistance band for full body activation. RIP Training is great if you play Golf, Tennis, Lacrosse, Hockey, or are into Mixed Martial Arts, the list goes on! One session on the RIP TRAINER and you are going to feel the difference from traditional gym workouts!

This clas runs 45-60 minutes

  • Stretching
  • RIP Training
  • Final Stretch

Drop in Rate $25/class

Monthly packages offered at discounted rates.