Self Defense

Grappling is the best form of unarmed self defense for women, kids, professionals, or anyone who desires to effectively defend themselves and their family.  When you are put in the situation where you would need to defend yourself, the last thing you need to be thinking of is how to explain the situation afterward.  Grappling offers a way to defend yourself without resorting to punches and kicks, which are usually perceived as aggression.  It also uses technique and leverage to overcome much larger opponents.

The best part about our style of fighting is that when it comes to self defense is that we there are no kata or forms and we don’t “point spar”.  We have controlled sparring and “rolling” where you can attempt any of our techniques at 100% without risk of injury to yourself or your partner since we are able to “tap” before that injury could possibly occur.  This develops a sense of confidence in the techniques when they matter most, because We KNOW the techniques work and we’re able to drill them until they are a learned instinct!

“He’s a good teacher! Will take his time to teach you the right way, with all his heart into it! And also very fun to do!”

Jose Andres

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