Catch Wrestling was made famous most recently by Kazushi Sakuraba “The Gracie Hunter” in Metamoris 5 and “The Warmaster” Josh Barnett when he submitted No Gi BJJ Legend, Dean Lister in Metamoris 4.  Catch as Catch Can Wrestling is known as “The Violent Art”, as opposed to Jiu Jitsu which is known as the “The Gentle Art“.  The term “No Holds Barred” came from Catch Wrestling since there are no illegal techniques, making it extremely effective and efficient for both MMA and Self Defense.  Catch Wrestling also differs in philosophy, “Submission from any Position”, as opposed to BJJ’s “Position before Submission”.


This grappling art is comprised of takedowns and throws, ground based rides, breakdowns, and transitions, as well as some excruciating and painful submission holds.  Grappling Mastery combines these catch techniques into our curriculum to create a superior hybrid grappling style.


“I cannot explain how excited my son is to go to class everyday! He loves it! The staff are hands on and extremely patient, but stern in the choice to teach the kids. My son knew nothing about BJJ before,

Allison Folgore, Mother and Business Owner Paul and Allison Folgore Review of Grappling Mastery

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