Duane Ludwig & T.J. Dillishaw Bang Muay Thai Seminar in Florida

Duane Ludwig & T.J. Dillishaw Bang Muay Thai Seminar in Florida!
Duane Ludwig with Bang Muay Thai Coach, Brian Ruscio
Duane Ludwig with Bang Muay Thai Coach, Brian Ruscio
Duane Ludwig & T.J. Dillishaw Bang Muay Thai Seminar in Florida!
Duane Ludwig & T.J. Dillishaw Bang Muay Thai Seminar in Florida!

2 time Coach of the year, Duane “Bang” Ludwig will be holding a 3 hour Muay Thai Seminar at Grappling Mastery, in Central Florida this coming Saturday, May 13. Duane Ludwig holds the record for UFC’s fastest knockout at only 6 seconds. He will be teaching unique combos from his Striking System that are proven in both the Ring and the Octagon.

T.J. Dillishaw will also be in attendance.

Pre-Registration is only $100 or $125 at the door
You can pay at the Academy or online by clicking the ticket link below and skip to the online store > services > Muay Thai Seminar it will ask you to make an account after you press checkout.

Space is limited so there can be no spectators unless you have registered. Remember to wear a white shirt or your appropriately ranked shirt.

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Brian Ruscio NoGi Leglock Seminar to Benefit Team Jay

Heel Hook
NAGA Pan-American No Gi Expert Masters Champion, Brian Ruscio
NAGA Pan-American Expert

Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery hosted a Submission Wrestling Seminar focusing on Leglocks to Benefit Team Jay on Saturday, June 25th.

The seminar lasted over 3 hours and we raised almost $1000 for Team Jay!

Professor Brian Ruscio is currently undefeated in BJJ competition with and without the Gi.  His last major competition was the NAGA Pan-American Expert Division Championship.  He finished his finals match by way of Toehold from Deep Half Guard vs. Wanderlei Camilo of Brazilian Top Team, who is also a leglock expert and MMA Fighter.  Brian Ruscio loves the leglock game and has many unique setups and finishes that you’ll want to know as leglocks become ever more popular in the world of Grappling.

Team Jay: Jay is a 9 year old boy from Mount Dora, Florida who has battling leukemia since January 17, 2014. During that time he has had to overcome multiple setbacks beyond the expected challenges of chemotherapy. His treatments are ongoing still today, over 2 years later.  All donations will go directly to Jay Ryon, Jr. and his parents.  His parents stay with Jay each time he s in the hospital and drive form Lake County to Orlando multiple times each week when Jay is home. Please support him as he fights leukemia!

We will be combining the proceeds with our Jim Alers MMA Seminar both to benefit Team Jay!

Marcelo Garcia’s Last Seminar?

Marcelo Garcia Seminar Team Picture
Prof. Brian Ruscio with Marcelo Garcia at his "Last Seminar"
Prof. Brian Ruscio with Marcelo Garcia
Professor Brian Ruscio with Master Ricardo Liborio, founder of American Top Team
Professor Brian Ruscio with Master Ricardo Liborio

Marcelo Garcia doesn’t do seminars anymore, only private lessons.  However, American Top Team Founder, Ricardo Liborio was able to get him to do one more seminar this last Sunday, May 1st, 2016.  There were over 100 participants, over 40 of which were BJJ Black Belts.  The techniques covered were classic Marcelo Garcia and some great strategies were shared.  Liborio plans on bringing in big Jiu Jitsu and MMA names to the Orlando area once per month.  You can bet on us being at the next one.  Never Stop Improving!

Marc Dickie Judo Seminar at Grappling Mastery

Marc Dickie, 4th Degree Judo Black Belt

Judo is a Grappling martial art and Olympic sport created in Japan in 1882 by Jigoro Kano.  At Grappling Mastery, we use Judo for it’s effective throws and takedowns using the Gi.  It transitions perfectly for those who want to compete in BJJ and are looking for a way to take an opponent to the ground while remaining on top.  It is similar to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in it’s use of immobilizing joint locks and chokes, while also similar to Wrestling in its effectiveness in throws.  Grappling Mastery teaches Judo in our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes. This seminar will teach everyone Judo from the perspective of a pure Judoka. Judo techniques can be modified to work very well in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Sensei Marc Dickie started Judo in his home country of England at the age of 11 and trained there until immigrating to the US at 16. He continued his pursuit of the martial art in the California Bay Area studying Karate and Kung Fu until leaving California. Traveling about the country, he went to Western New York and back to judo. There he met Dr. Sachio Ashida and studied consistently with him and his students for the next 20 years, achieving the rank of 4th degree black belt and winning 2 National Masters Championships. Dr. Ashida’s judo came directly from its founder, Professor Kano, and relied on proper technique and the principle of maximum efficiency, minimum energy, principles that Sensei Marc insists in his students.

In his own words, ”I’m not a natural at Judo. I had to pick everything apart to learn it. As such, I have a great knowledge base to coach and assists students of Judo, having intimate knowledge of the path they are now on.”

Sensei Marc believes in the foundational purpose of judo and all sport being to develop the character of a person as well as the body. He has trained with many great judo men and is eager to pass his knowledge on to those who wish to learn.

Seminar details:

Saturday, April 16th 11:00-2:00

Cost: $20

Location: Grappling Mastery: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai Academy

19051 US-441 Mount Dora, Florida 32757


Video Review of 6th Degree BJJ Black Belt Marcio Simas’s Seminar

Gracie Barra Black Belt Seminar “Fighting for a Cure”

Windermere Police Chief's Special Award to Brian Ruscio

Credit to Fight Sports Photos for the many great shots

Over 20 Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts will be joining forces to help Fight for a Cure, raise awareness and monies for families and children affected with rare terminal illnesses. This year Orlando Florida will be the site of the 38th Annual NTSAD Family Conference that will take place April 7 – 10th 2016. For these families the National Tay Sachs and Allied Disease Association is their Hope to finding their way through the most treacherous times in their lives and we’ve assembled the toughest guys in Orlando to show how we can make a difference.

These families come here for support, to learn the latest medical research and how to best care for their children. Gracie Barra Orlando wants to create an amazing experience for the 20-25 siblings during the conference by getting them away from the daily grind and making their stay memorable. We will be taking a trip to Sea World and visiting the Orlando Science Center and paying for it all. Any proceeds left over will go the NTSAD medical research and family support.

Gracie Barra Fight for a Cure
February 6, 2016
Kids Seminar: 11:00 – 12:00 pm $20
Adults Seminar: 12:00 – 2:00 pm $25
Location: 923 N. Mills Avenue Orlando, FL. 32803

You can read more about the NTSAD and the family conference here: http://www.ntsad.org/index.php/event-listings/family-conference/2016-family-conference


6th Degree BJJ Black Belt, Marcio Simas Seminar

6th Degree BJJ Black Belt, Marcio Simas
Master Marcio Simas
Master Marcio Simas

Marcio Simas, 6th Degree Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and President of the Florida Federation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will be conducting a seminar at Grappling Mastery BJJ Academy on January 9th at 11am. The seminar is open to everyone at will only cost $50 for adults and $40 for kids.


With over 30 years of training with the Gracie family, Marcio Simas is considered by many to be one of the top Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors in the Southeastern United States. He is one of the only jiu-jitsu teachers in Florida who studied under the legendary Rolls Gracie (who is regarded as the best jiu-jitsu fighter in the history of the Gracie family). Marcio received both his blue belt and his purple belt at Rolls’ Copacabana academy in Rio de Janeiro. After Rolls’ death at the age of 32, Marcio became a student of Rickson Gracie at the famous Gracie Humaitá academy where he earned his brown belt.


Carlos Gracie Jr., Marcio Simas
Marcio Simas, Carlos Gracie Jr.

When his family moved to the outer suburb of Rio de Janeiro, known as Barra de Tijuca, Marcio was able to reunite with his old friend Carlos Gracie Jr. When Rolls died Carlos Gracie Jr. was unanimously voted by the students to take over the teaching. Soon after, Carlos moved the academy to Barra da Tijuca where he founded the Gracie Barra Academy. Marcio was awarded his black belt by Carlos Gracie Jr. As a Gracie Barra Black Belt, Marcio is in an elite group of fighters that includes Renzo Gracie, Ralph Gracie, Crolin Gracie, Rillion Gracie, Rigan Machado, Jean Jacques Machado, Marcio Feitosa and numerous world champions.

Marcio Simas and Gustavo "Gutty" Muggiati with Marcio Feitosa
Marcio Simas and Gustavo “Gutty” Muggiati with Marcio Feitosa

Marcio has been doing Jiu-Jitsu for over 39 years and has four schools. He is also President of the Federation in Florida of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He introduced Jiu-Jitsu here in Florida; also expanded Jiu-Jitsu here in the state of Florida because by bringing the Pan-American Championships to Florida for four straight years. He started training Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Brazil and brought it to Florida in 1994 when he opened his first school. Since then its expanded a lot. The fact that Royce Gracie fought in the UFC helped a lot to promote Jiu-jitsu and nowadays it’s grown so much that in every corner of this planet that you go you can find Jiu-Jitsu.

Multiple World Mundial Champion, Gustavo "Gutty" Muggiati, Professor Brian Ruscio, Pro Wrestler Tim "Patterson" Dodson, Professor Marcio Simas, and Professor Rodrigo Lango
Multiple World Mundial Champion, Gustavo “Gutty” Muggiati, Professor Brian Ruscio, Pro Wrestler Tim “Patterson” Dodson, Professor Marcio Simas, and Professor Rodrigo Lango

“It was hard to explain to people that didn’t know what Jiu-Jitsu was about. They all were asking questions like do you do katas? Do you have forms? And we didn’t really have anything like that. Also, to explain and to show how effective Jiu-Jitsu was. Another aspect was that everybody saw Jiu-Jitsu for the first time thru the UFC, so a lot of people were scared to even watch the class, thinking we were going to beat them up and it wasn’t like this. Also the way we train, because when I came here with my first school, I came with a Brazilian mentality and I came from a fighting school we didn’t have hobbyist at that time. Pretty much everyone that was in the school was to fight and our training was towards the competition fighting all the time. Later on we understood, we had other people interested in a form of Jiu-Jitsu but the class was not directed towards those kind of people. But nowadays we did it and we can accommodate everybody. Because in reality Jiu-Jitsu is a self defense and you can drive Jiu-Jitsu to a competition, you can use for MMA and you can use to lose weight for instance.

Marcio and has trained many MMA Champions in the past two decades he has been teaching in Central Florida
Marcio and has trained many MMA Champions in the past two decades he has been teaching in Central Florida

The athletes nowadays, because of the information, because of the internet, because of YouTube, people know more and have access to more information. The athletes that practice Jiu-Jitsu today, they are much better because they can get the information much quicker, they know better how to train themselves, less injuries, they can take of the injuries. Also, nutrition is a factor; people understand nowadays, they eat better than in my time when I was fighting. So definitely the level of the fighters if you compare with my generation it’s much better.  In terms of techniques, the base of Jiu-Jitsu did not change, of course you have different techniques nowadays, sweeps for instance is something that is a little bit different from my time, more sweeps nowadays. But the base of Jiu-Jitsu did not change at all. One guy that is still there to prove that is Roger Gracie that wins his competitions with no fancy movements. A lot of people are eager to learn the black belt moves. In reality, the difference is in the black belts, the moves that they sometimes emphasize, is that the guy has more experience than a blue belt. He’s been practicing longer and has perfected within himself.”

(excerpts from an interview by Vireo Puro)

Read More about Grappling Mastery’s Gracie Barra Lineage

Caio Terra Seminar Review

Prof. Brian Ruscio with 10 time World Champion, Caio Terra
Prof. Brian Ruscio with 10 time World Champion, Caio Terra
Prof. Brian Ruscio with 10 time World Champion, Caio Terra

I just got back from the Caio Terra No Gi Seminar in Titusville.  The very first technique was a variation I hadn’t seen before.  It was a great experience from the very beginning.  Caio Terra is a 10 time World Jiu Jitsu Champion that fights at rooster weight and walks around at about 130 lbs.  Being smaller, he is a huge advocate of proper technique over strength or speed.

Caio says that the guys and girls that have the easiest time doing and learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques are the ones that he also sees performing the Jiu Jitsu specific warmups before classes.




Caio focused on the Guillotine Choke specifically and how to grip in a way that it is “unbreakable”.  Using this “unbreakable” grip, the guillotine can be used to not only submit an opponent, but also to recover guard or get on top when needed.  We also reviewed how Caio  transitions into another Guillotine, Brabo Choke, or D’arce Choke once on top position.  We also reviewed common defenses and counters.  At the end we had some Q&A in which Caio Terra reviewed the Single Leg X, and also his variation on a footlock from De La Riva Guard.  We will be reviewing Caio Terra’s Guillotine Series of techniques at Grappling Mastery this week.

Caio Terra Seminar 2015
Caio Terra Seminar 2015

Jeff Glover Seminar Review

Jeff Glover Seminar

Jeff Glover is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt with wins over 7-time World BJJ Black Belt Champion, Caio Terra and a submission win over 6-time BJJ Black Belt World Champion, Robson Moura at the 2011 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship. Jeff Glover is known for his unique and often humorous grappling style and personality.  Jeff performed a seminar in Orlando, Florida and Professor Brian Ruscio had the opportunity to attend.

BJJ Black Belts Brian Ruscio and Jeff Glover
BJJ Black Belts Brian Ruscio and Jeff Glover

The seminar began with Jeff Glover introducing himself in an expectedly humorous way.  He had two major things to point out before he began showing some great techniques and strategies.

  1. Even though he has no problem finding great training partners at nearby schools where he lives, he pointed out that his main focus is making his teammates into great training partners.  If you see a teammate performing even one detail wrong, correct them and that will go far in making everyone on your team very good.
  2. Everybody is different and has their own game.  Some are have strong, powerful bodies while others have strong, powerful minds.  Some have both.  Adopt moves and techniques that work for your own body and personality.  Create a style that is your own.  What are you doing that is different than everyone else?

The techniques taught were based on the Deep Half Guard, the Guillotine Choke, and the Triangle Choke.

Jeff Glover demonstrating a Deep Half Guard Drill with Brian Ruscio
Jeff Glover demonstrating a Deep Half Guard Drill with Brian Ruscio

Deep Half Guard:

  1. Getting to Half Guard from various positions
  2. Over the Falls
  3. Out the Back Door
  4. Coming up on the Single
  5. Deep Half Counters

See Professor Brian Ruscio winning the NAGA Pan-American Expert Light Heavyweight Division using a Toe-Hold from Deep Half Guard


Jeff Glover demonstrating an Arm in Guillotine with Brian Ruscio
Jeff Glover demonstrating an Arm in Guillotine with Brian Ruscio


  1. One Handed Guillotine
  2. Arm in Guillotine
  3. Guillotine Setup and Finish Strategies

Triangle Choke

  1. Setting up the Triangle Choke Strategies
Jeff Glover Orlando Florida Seminar
Jeff Glover Orlando Florida Seminar

We will be reviewing the techniques demonstrated over the next couple weeks here at Grappling Mastery: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA.


Seven BJJ Black Belts demonstrate Favorite Techniques

Seven BJJ Black Belts gathered today to raise funds for Aubrey’s family, a little girl who was struck by a hit-and-run on school property while riding her bike with a friend.

The Black Belts gathered at Gracie Barra in Kissimmee, Florida to demonstrate some of their favorite techniques to those who made a donation.  Luckily, we caught some of these techniques on video.

Below you will find the full seminar and each individual BJJ technique video below! The order of techniques has been rearranged to better flow from position to position.  Below the playlist you will find the individual techniques have been separated into the order they were shown.

The Black Belts who donated their time and skills were:

Marcio Simas, 6th Degree BJJ Black Belt Mestre

Mike Busby, 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt Professor

Igor Andrade, 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt Professor

Fabian Reyes, 1st Degree BJJ Black Belt Professor

Rich Rodriguez, BJJ Black Belt

Dave Ogden, 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt Professor

Brian Ruscio, BJJ Black Belt Professor