We Defy Foundation Technique of the Day

We Defy Foundation

Grappling Mastery recently hosted a special event for our Disabled Veterans here in Lake County and Nationwide.  We had some good hard rolls and went over some great technique.  All proceeds went to We Defy Foundation which provides paid scholarships for disabled veterans who want to train their minds and bodies through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Army Medic, Tony Tindell in Afghanistan
Army Medic, Sgt. Tony Tindell in Afghanistan

“You hear a lot of stories about returning Combat vets. They’re Angry, Drinking, Depressed or have PTSD; well I’m glad to say this isn’t me and there one very distinct reason for that, besides my wife; Grappling Mastery. I was still in Ghazni Afghanistan when I contacted Professor Ruscio initially. I explained my need for a coping mechanism upon my return and he offered to help. I’ve been training with Grappling Mastery for four months now, since returning from the battlefield. In addition to BJJ he taught me patience, diligence a bit of humility… Read More”

2 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Grappling Mastery 2 Year Anniversary Celebration
Cake Cutting at Grappling Mastery 2nd Year Anniversary 2015 Celebration
Cake Cutting at Grappling Mastery 2nd Year Anniversary 2015 Celebration

We are happy to announce that Grappling Mastery introduced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Lake County Florida just over 2 years ago.  We’ve now been teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Tavares, Florida and the Lake County area for at least two years now and are growing tremendously in size and skill!  After helping run a Gracie Barra in Orlando for 7 years, Brian Ruscio moved to Leesburg and started teaching private lessons in his garage for free!  As word spread he was given the opportunity to teach his passion in an actual dojo.  Now, two years later, Grappling Mastery has it’s own location, Professor Ruscio has earned his first degree and we’re bursting at the seams!  Things are definitely looking up for our team this year and more big things are on the horizon.

We welcome everyone to join us in celebrating this milestone!

We plan to be celebrating at Grappling Mastery on December 12, at 10 am.  Invite your Family and Friends, all are welcome.  We will be doing a team picture at 11am so bring your GIs!  The gym will also be open so you roll and we will also have a bounce house and cake for the kids!

You can RSVP Here

Afterwards, you can Watch UFC 194 Aldo vs. McGregor with the Grappling Mastery team!


Photo Gallery of our Recent Open Mat in Clermont, Florida

Open Mat with Grappling Mastery, Gracie Barra Clermont, Gracie Barra Orlando, and Fight Sports

Some of the Grappling Mastery Team recently participated in a BJJ Open Mat Session in Clermont, Florida this Independence Day Weekend.  Some other teams that participated were Gracie Barra Orlando, Gracie Barra Clermont (Ogden BJJ), and Fight Sports Clermont (Xtreme Gracie).  Some impromptu techniques were taught by BJJ Black Belts, Professor Brian Ruscio (Grappling Mastery), 3rd Degree Professor Dave Ogden (Gracie Barra Clermont), and 6th Degree BJJ Master Marcio Simas (Gracie Barra Orlando) at the request of the group.  Afterward we had some rolling sessions with the members of the other teams.  It was a fun event in the spirit of learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  We are all brothers and sisters of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  It’s great that we can all get together and share ideas and techniques no matter what school we train at.  The next BJJ Open Mat will be held at Grappling Mastery!

This is the second time that Grappling Mastery and Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu have teamed up to share BJJ Techniques with anyone who wanted to attend.  Previously Professor Brian Ruscio of Grappling Mastery and Gracie Barra held a seminar for charity in Kissimmee, Florida with a total of 7 Black Belts.