Grandmaster Carlos Gracie Sr. 12 Commandments of BJJ

 12 Commandments of BJJ, by Grandmaster Carlos Gracie Sr.

  1. Speak to every one of happiness, health and prosperity.
  2. Give all your friends the feeling that they are valuable.
  3. Always look at events from a positive point of view, and turn positivity into a reality in life.
  4. Think always in the best, work solely for the best and expect always the best.
  5. Always be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.
  6. Forget about past mistakes and concentrate your energies on the victories ahead.
  7. Always keep your fellow men joyful and have a pleasant attitude to all that address you.
  8. Spend all the time you need in perfecting yourself, but leave no time to criticise the others.
  9. Become too big to feel unrest, too noble to feel anger, too strong to feel fear and too happy to tumble in adversity.
  10. Always have a positive opinion about yourself and tell it to the world, not through words of vanity but through benevolence.
  11. Have the strong belief that the world is beside you if you keep true to what is best within you.

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