Undefeated, Brian Ruscio claims Championship at 2014 NAGA Pan-American

Brian Ruscio claims NAGA Pan Am No Gi Expert Masters

Grappling Mastery Professor, Brian Ruscio recently put it all on the line at the 2014 NAGA Pan-American Championships to showcase his skills and set an example for the team.  It was a great time overall and the competition was tough.  Whispers about his opponents like, “I’ve never seen that guy taken down before!”, and “That guy rarely loses!” are some of the comments heard during and after his matches.  To that he only stated, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that.”

Brian says:  “I don’t really pay attention to who my opponents are going to be.  If I see them in a match that day, I may think of a hypothetical strategy, but my only real plan is to go in there and have fun.  I only plan to find a way to grapple my way and get them to play my game.  I don’t get myself excited by all the hype around someone’s name and I never underestimate anybody.  Anybody can be beaten by anybody else.  For me it’s not about winning or losing, only doing my best and gaining something of value from my opponent that will help me improve myself.”

Below are the Semi Finals and Finals Matches from the NAGA Pan-American No GI Expert Masters Championships vs. American MMA Fighter, William Swift and Brazilian MMA Fighter, Wanderley Camilo.

Brian Ruscio defeats Brazilian MMA Fighter Wanderley Camilo (BTT) for the NAGA No GI Expert Championship
Brian Ruscio defeats Brazilian MMA Fighter, Wanderley Camilo (Brazilian Top Team) for the NAGA No GI Expert Championship

More Pics of Grappling Mastery at 2014 NAGA Pan-American

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