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Building Champions On & Off the Mats

Grappling Mastery is home to multiple Florida State Champions, Regional Champions, and Pan American Champions among many other highly respected competitions.Grappling Mastery is a highly competitive BJJ and MMA Academy boasting some of Central Florida’s best BJJ and MMA athletes.  We take our training seriously and test ourselves several times during the year at highly respected tournaments and always come back with some great wins!  Most importantly we compete to get better and train to be the best.  Sometimes a loss is more important to our progress as individuals than a win can be.  The following Grappling Mastery Competition Team Members repeatedly leave their hearts on the mats by competing several times each year.

“Building Champions On & Off The Mats!”

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Team

Brian Ruscio claims NAGA Pan Am No Gi Expert Masters Championship
Brian Ruscio, NAGA Pan-American Expert & Multiple Florida State Champion


Rita Rojas wins Florida BJJ Regional Championship
“Rowdy” Rita Rojas, Central Florida Regional Champ
Justin "Beast" Blake wins Florida BJJ Regional Championship
Justin “Beast” Blake, Florida BJJ Regional Champion


Claire Weber at Florida BJJ Regionals
Claire Weber, Florida State BJJ Regional Bronze Medalist
Max "Juggernaut" Weber at Florida BJJ Regionals
Max “Juggernaut” Weber, Multiple NAGA Champion
Aidan tastes Victory!
Aidan Weber, Florida BJJ Tour Champion
Torrie O'neil first place gold at BJJ Tour Florida
Torrie “Anaconda” O’neil, Florida BJJ Tour Champion
Kai "The Hammer" Staton, Florida State BJJ Champion
Kai “The Hammer” Staton, Florida State BJJ Champion

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