AJ Agazarm Seminar Review

BJJ Black Belts, Brian Ruscio and World Champion, AJ Agazarm
BJJ Black Belts, and World Champion, AJ Agazarm

AJ Agazarm is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and World Champion.  He is currently one of the most active competitors in BJJ.  Fighting out of Gracie Barra Clearwater, and formerly a wrestler with Ohio State, AJ has a nice blend of solid BJJ and Wrestling.  His journey started when he took an mma fight and won by Rear Naked Choke, not even knowing what one was or applying it properly!  BJJ Black Belt, Brian Ruscio took a recent opportunity to attend AJ Agazarm’s Seminar hosted by our friends at Gracie Barra in Oviedo.

AJ Agazarm’s Competition Titles include:

  • IBJJF World No Gi Champion
  • IBJJF World Gi Champion
  • Brazilian National Champion
  • 3X European Champion
  • 4X Pan Am Champion
  • 5X American National Champion

AJ is a humble guy coming from humble beginnings.  His secrets to success are simply hard work and getting in a flow.  He recommends keeping busy and using Franklin Covey Planners.  He looks at each competition as a journey.  It isn’t just the competition day, it’s everything.  The training, the travel, the injuries, the weighins, the event, and the ride home.  He breaks his year into seasons.  Gi season, No Gi season, Seminar Season, and “Chill” Season.  Like business has ups and downs, so does our training.  I would describe this as “undulations”, describing the motion he used with his hands.
Save 15% On Your Entire Order AJ showed a lot of detail in his techniques and these details affected all the techniques in his series.  From hand position, foot position, posture, head position, when to drive into the opponent, and when to let them drive into you…  He also talked about competition strategies and how to capitalize on the way points are scored.  How to score a quick and easy 11 point lead.  We talked about how to mentally beat your opponent.  It was a 2 hour seminar, though time seemed to go extremely fast.  This is a seminar you did not want to miss.  Great details and strategies that change the way you look at common positions!  Thanks AJ!

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Coach Ruscio will be reviewing the techniques from the seminar this coming week at Grappling Mastery!  Make sure to get in and experience these techniques and details from a Multiple Time World Champion and improve your Jiu Jitsu.  Non-members are Welcome to attend the week for FREE!

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